It is recycled camera which made by old cell phone’s for the children in the poor countries.
A campaign that donating cameras to the children in the poor countries and making them to take
pictures of themselves is a spiritual relief activities that helps children tp have their own dreams.
We designed the cheapest digital camera that is made by abandoned old phones for the campaign.
This will make lots more active relief operations possible.
There are more than 3 hundred million abandoned old phones all around the world in every each year.
Mostly, parts of the old phones that has high technology in it are thrown away or dissolces.
It will ba a donation for dreams of the children in the poor countries if we can produce a camera from an abandoned phone.
It is made by the components of abandoned phones so can take the form the minimum size for a camera.
The outside of the camera is paper box for the minimal production cost and for more opportunities of donation.
Pacam Campaign with Unicef
It is a part of a project that bringing Pacam to the children in poor countries and encouraging them to have bigger dreams and it is a product that uses abandoned phones to make a camera to make a campaign be revitalized.
Structure of Pacam
A planar figure and the inside.It is made up with the minimum of the structure and components and used only liquid crystal and the camera parts of the phone for a compact camera.
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