OMI Bottle
Stylish Bottle with Pill Dispenser

A premium and stylish reusable water bottle designed to keep you hydrated and healthy on the go. 
OMI simplifies your life by allowing you to carry your water and supplements together at all times. 
You’ll never forget to take them again.

Client: OMI Bottle

OMI is your healthy sidekick. It will help you navigate your life with wellness in mind and supplements in hand. This is OMI’s mission from the inside out. The bottle and removable pill dispenser are made from BPA-free materials and easy to clean.
OMI merges wellness with style. OMI’s beautiful metallic color options and unique design make it the perfect accessory to match any outfit. The design fits perfectly with a minimalist and wellness-oriented lifestyle, or for those who enjoy keeping their accessories stylish yet subtle, and their main attire loud. OMI realizes that people are more likely to use a reusable bottle if it allows them to express themselves and reflect their sense of style.
Designed with found/Founded

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