MULAE is a feeding bottle sterilizer which has a principle and sensibility of watermill. The tray which holds a feeding bottle is revolving like watermill with power of giving off steam. It feels watermill-like sensibility in the past seeing the tray turning slowing with a feeding bottle. Also, all the feeding bottles on the tray are sterilized by revolving so more feeding bottles can effectively be sterilzed with certain amount of water and ultraviolet rays.

Sensibility of traditional watermill

Watermill slowly runs when a stream of water hit wing of the mill. People who watch the scene that the mill is moving slowly above the water can feel calmness and relaxation as well. It is recomposed of a product which gives effectiveness to users like the watermill that delivers this sensibility and pound rice cake at the same time.
Steam sterilization

The tray can slowly move thanks to the wings are pushed against the strength of steam at the edge of the revolving tray. 
The strength of steam given off for sterilizing by evaporating water runs the tray.
Even inside of the feeding bottles can be sterilized due to the revolving tray and steam.
The revolving tray

Tray which can hold the feeding bottles and containers on horizontally and is a structure of revolving
Problem : The structure of shelf tray sterilizer

Shelf tray sterilizer usually have some spaces that can be less sterilized because the containers blocks ultraviolet rays or are too far away from the sterilizer.
Solution : The structure of the rotary sterilizer tray

MULAE can sterilize evenly because every container slowly move by the revolving tray.
Therefore, it can effectively sterilize feeding bottle without using much ultraviolet rays and power.

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