Grooming Pack, DUNHILL

The brand ‘DUNHILL’ was made with the belief of Alfred Dunhill (1872-1959) that he would change 'men' to 'gentlemen'. The design style he pursued is based on conservative British design. He emphasizes a somewhat rustic but unremarkable formative line and insisted on using high quality materials. Finally he wanted to see the unique grace of England from them. DUNHILL's brand philosophy is still applied to many products. The 'Grooming Pack' is a set of shaving products that reflects the philosophy of DUNHILL, consisting of a razor, shaving cream, and blade cleaner. It expresses Dunhill's style in the routinized behavior ‘shaving’.  The 'Grooming Pack' proposes a new DUNHILL directionality with metallic materials and linear and modern elements that were not readily available in shaving supplies.
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