Dearbell (2018)
Customized welcoming service to improve relationship and intimacy among family members : Dearbell aims to provide ‘a natural trigger’ for thinking about other people and starting conversation. For family who lives together, but feel apart, Dearbell gives chance to think about each other at least once a day.
Design Output
Dearbell consists of a beam projector motivated by ‘welcoming bell’ and based on the detected image/gesture interaction, it provides customized information.
Dearbell's Service Flow
1. Entering Home
The number of steps is displayed behind the other’s shoes, and messages for me is displayed in front of my shoes.
2. Check message via beam
If you put your hand over the message icon, you can read the message left by another person.
3. Leave the feedback
If you want to leave feedback on the message, shaking fist creates smiley emojis which then go stick to the other’s shoes.
4. Check information for me
When you leave the house, you can check information before going out (e.g. the weather and bus schedule)
Dearbell projector is motivated from ‘welcoming bell’. Technically, it supports automotive focusing in multi-layers, and AI projection mapping that shows image on a certain object and recognizes gesture interaction.
Dearbell has Shape of Design and CMF that naturally melts into the user's enterance interior and delivers warm images, not the shape of a general type beam projector.
Dearbell consists of soft shapes and textures that are not solid form, luxurious arch-shape metal frame. And through the Wood detal finishing at the bottom, it visually reveals the warm communication with the family, not the technical image.
Dearbell is hanging from the ceiling, so it is not restricted by space and can be customized to suit your taste by attaching it to the ceiling like a pendant light or using a wall mount.
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